Consider the organizations mission and vision.

Quality measures are methods to appraise health care by using standards. The purpose of these measures are to make sure all patients get the right care at the appropriate time. Refer back to your Fishbone Diagram in the Quality Improvement: Preventable Errors assignment in Week 1 and select two areas of improvement you focused on and identify quality measures that will help decrease a preventable error.
Write a 1,050-word action plan for your Quality Improvement Action Plan identifying the steps you will take to implement the improvement.
Utilize the Quality Improvement Plan Template Section 5 Quality Improvement Initiatives provided by the Office of Mental Health to guide you in completing your Quality Improvement Action Plan. Your outline should be structured to address the issue that needs to be changed, the impact the issue has on the organization’s quality, and how you will improve quality.

You will also address the areas below in your outline, where appropriate:

Compare and contrast quality measures that are appropriate for what you’re looking to improve.
Which measure did you select for your quality improvement and why?
What changes can you make that will lead to improvement? Include the PDSA Cycle in your response.
Consider the organization’s mission and vision.
Does the plan in your PDSA trials fit with the organization’s practice and model? For example, do they include thoughtful strategies that fit with the culture of your staff and patients?
What are the internal and external influences to the organization for each problem? Use supporting details from the textbook to support your answer.
How do you know a change is an improvement?
Summarize your action plan steps and address which area of improvement is more appropriate for you to adopt and which area of improvement you will discard based on the results of your PDSA plan. Explain why or why not

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