(Consider: What’s in a Name of an Ethics Professional?

Read Consider: What’s in a Name of an Ethics Code? in Chapter 9 (look below), then answer these following questions from the text:
How does the title of a company’s ethics document affect your attitude about the content? Is one title more attractive than another?
What is the overall message that the title of the code of conduct conveys? Does it reflect the purpose of the document to provide employee guidance on expected conduct?
Propose creative titles for ethics codes for a pharmaceutical company and a restaurant. (Gonzalez-Padron, 2015).
Look for two other company ethics documents and share the titles of their ethics documents (consider your own organization or one that you are familiar with for this question).
(Consider: What’s in a Name of an Ethics Professional?
A review of the ECOA member listing shows some of the titles that may be used for ethics professionals:
Chief compliance officer
Chief ethics and compliance officer
Chief ethics officer
Chief risk, compliance and ethics officer
Vice president, corporate responsibility
Vice president, global compliance and ethics
Director of business conduct
Director of integrity, security and compliance
Director, corporate compliance and ethics
Director, ethics and integrity programs
Director, ethics and regulatory compliance
Senior manager, ethics and non-financial corporate policies and procedures
Senior manager, global ethics and compliance
Senior vice president, global [corporate social responsibility] and risk management
Manager, business integrity and compliance
Manager, ethics and employee issues
Questions to Consider
Why does the ethics function vary among organizations? What company factors would lead to the wording of the ethics function?
Which titles reflect a focus on compliance only? Which titles reflect a focus on ethics?
Does a title provide sufficient authority to oversee an organization’s ethics program? Does the title of the ethics professional indicate a level of autonomy in addressing ethical issues?
e of Conduct in Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism has become a growing industry, especially in developing countries. Research the topic of medical tourism and reflect on the ethics related to this industry. Develop a code of conduct for medical tourism.

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