Constitution Writing Assignment

Constitution Writing Assignment

Use two tools of analysis for better understanding of Constitution.  Choose a Clause or Amendment and analyze.

Instructions:  Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the amendment with an example or two.  Then describe how the amendment is relevant (or irrelevant) today.  Include an opening sentence that grabs attention. I grade based on the quality of the analysis, the supporting evidence/examples, grammar, structure, organization, and clarity. That being said this assignment is not done until it has completed its purpose; in this case using two types of analyses to develop further understanding.

Here’s a PDF of the Constitution.

Example: Thesis might look like:  This essay identifies the important amendment ______.   The amendment is relevant today because of ______________ .  An example of this is _____________.   When looking at the amendment’s relevance today, I feel ____________ about the amendment, because __________.

Tools of Analysis

•Compare and contrast (two or three sections of a piece)

•Compare and contrast (with outside information/experts such as academic experts, politicians, textbooks, and other professional sources)

•Apply to something you know (pop culture, other text, experience, historical examples, other material)

•Reinterpret (put the author’s ideas into your own words, communicate their point in a new way)

•Relevance (does the author’s ideas apply to something going on today?)

•Argue for (provide several examples why the author is correct)

•Argue against (provide at least one example why the author is incorrect)

•Proscribe (criticize the author or the piece)

•Prescribe a solution to a problem the author raises, or propose a better solution than the author gives

•Identify if author has a bias and explain with examples

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