Contemporary Issues in Business and Management

You must read 9 articles I gave you first, and then write the report based on these articles. I’ll put them in the file.

Topic 2: Fostering innovation in organisations
Using contemporary examples of business practice from your own research, together with analytical models, conceptual frames and management theory from at least three of the main topics covered in the module discuss:
• Why innovation is important in today’s competitive business environment.
• Specific examples of innovation bringing change and success to organisations.
• What organisations can do to manage innovation and change effectively?
To demonstrate your research and analytical skills by exploring contemporary issues in the field of business and management in depth.


Structure of this assignment
This assignment should have a clearly presented essay style
text which is structured through headings. The main headings should identify important elements of the text, such as the introduction, problem you are investigating, research methods used, discussion of findings and conclusion. to explain why your chosen topic represents challenges for business today and then define precisely what particular aspect your investigation will focus on. You then need to explain how you went about exploring this issue by setting out the different sources of data that are likely to provide insights into contemporary business practice, justifying why you used particular data sources to identify and then analyse the examples you use in this assignment. The examples you have researched then need to be critically discussed in relation to relevant concepts and theories covered in the module. This might include a critical evaluation of the extent to which management theory reflects the business practice you identified. You should aim to draw some conclusions about how the application of management theory might assist businesses in dealing with the contemporary challenges they encounter.

Specific instructions:
To discuss your chosen topic you are required to research examples from contemporary business practice and make
connections between analytical frameworks, models and theories that were covered in this module. The examples you use need to be the result of your own research and based on academic, practitioner, policy and news sources published in print or online. A good assignment will explore a small number of examples in depth, comparing and contrasting different sources, ideas and arguments on the issue you re exploring. A good assignment will demonstrate wider reading that goes beyond reading material
issued for this module and contain a justification of the data sources and research methods used.
Simply presenting material from your search, without explaining why you believe it is relevant and how it
helps to illustrate theoretical content covered in the module, is unlikely to contribute to a good grade. In
particular we expect that:
• The title for the assignment sets out the topic you are writing on.
• The assignment has a clear structure with headings and sub-headings.
• You refer to specific arguments and, where appropriate, pages in the source you use.
• Your referencing style conforms to the Harvard Referencing guidelines published by CASE.
• There is a reference list at the end of your essay (this is excluded from the word count).
• You explicitly draw on three main topics that were covered in this module
( organisational culture, innovation and change, diversity,).

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