Content Writing Tips For Beginners

In the recent times, due to popularity of social media and websites making a mark in every business, new jobs and careers have been emanated from every sector, out of which one is content writing. There are similar jobs such as business writing, creative writing, copy writing, and in this article on content writing tips for beginners, you will be given information on the same.

Content writers can be best described as professional writers having the ability to create attractive content for various uses in the Internet. Their main job is to create blogs, articles, sales copies, e-books, graphic texts, podcasts and various types of web content. They should also have basic knowledge about languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML and content management systems to aid in their work. Their web content is used in blogs or websites, social websites and even college websites.

These writers are responsible for creating content as per the requirements of the website or client. In research topics, they have to do a lot of research and then decide upon the relevant information to create content. The content is the representative of the website or a business and its products. If it is laden with errors, not-so-attractive text, it has to be changed and in content writing, the content can be changed every time in case of a new update. Kindly note, every website has a specific audience as target and may require a particular type of content.

Relevant and correct information is mandatory in a website as nowadays as social media has taken a major chunk of the marketing areas. Good content with relevant links attached can assist in getting the website back links and the organization will get loyal followers and clients.

If it is e-commerce website you are writing content about, then you might have to write about products and services that are on sale. Most often, the content is mainly based to assist a reader to know about the complex information of the website in a simple and readable way. The viewer should get the information they want easily and efficiently and keywords should not be stuffed just for the search engines.


Required Education

Usually, companies hire content writers with the educational qualification of at least a degree or more specialized certifications. You can find content writers with degrees in journalism, creative writing or there might be some who have selected this job out of their pure passion for writing. However, there are also various subjects to write in content writing and if you are one who is specialized in Mathematics you might be asked to write content for an online Maths project.

If You Are Interested In Content Writing

Salary Part

Similar to other jobs, in the initial stages, you might be given a probationary period and majority of the time; you will be required to hone your skills. In due course of time, your salary will increase depending on the experience and skills you learn every passing year. 


Content Writing Tips And SEO (Search Engine Optimization)    

There are some websites, which have an organic traffic of more than one million followers per month and the reason they are successful – keywords. They first select keywords which rank well in the internet and use relevant tools to get the best written articles.

Agreed, but that does not mean, keywords are stuffed in the article as per a snack. The whole content will become topsy turvy and the reader can easily make out you have done the stuffed part. The writing and the combination of keywords should be natural and not like a buffoon in a kickboxing competition.

1. Content Writing Tips: Write The Required Style

If you are writing an article on a subject you are not familiar with, it is vital to check the difficult words and terms. You can make your own style, but calling a ‘smart phone’ as a new telephone instrument might put readers off. So stay tuned and become a better writer. Also use words which jell with the title. While starting on a review of a famous romantic novel, do not write about stories of Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and WWE.

2. Content Writing Tips And Tricks: Editing

One of the important facts in content writing. There are umpteen chances you might have a misspelt a particular word or put a grammatically inferior sentence. In case, if you are writing as well editing your own content, do not do both at the same time. Take a break, and do it when your mind is fresh. You will be surprised at the amount of errors you make. The best way will be to check it the next day.

3. Hyperlinks

If you have taken reference material from a website, you may provide a hyperlink to the same website in the content. Otherwise, it might amount to stealing. It is better to stay connected to your human roots and even if your written article sends the reader to another url, the people at the other end might appreciate your frankness and can send a appreciative e-mail or link you back.

4. Never Have Ego

You do not face multiple challenges as in creative writing, but it pays to be a good human being. You might not get the right alternative for a word but close your eyes, redrive your passion for writing and behold, you can have the word. Becoming an expert is challenging in this field, and you should have no qualms about clarifying your doubt or query with the higher-ups.

There are 85% of the total population in the globe who want to become an author and write the famous book, but writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You might have great ideas but to put the correct words and sentences in an article needs practice. Content writing has become one of the most lucrative professions as you can stay at home and decide the schedule.

5. Vital Points Every Content Writer Should Have

It should be noted that every form (of writing) needs a different style. If it is News it should be given in short, crispy words and not lengthy words. In case of blogging, the words should be in person, easy-to-understand and convey your opinions. In case of writing about products, the sentence must convey advantages of using the products. Making you an expert in any style is challenging, but not impossible.

6. If You Are A Free Lancer Content Writer

As a free lance content writer, you are practically on your own. So it is time you check as to how you can pick the best keywords that can generate value for your client. For these aspects, you need to understand the audience. Then you can write what they will be interested to read.

Analytics always brings the best out of you. If you can check the client’s competitor websites you can be able to know as to how they generate content. You can also know as to the sharing of the competitors, other points such as the back links (blog aspects and posting on other websites).

The titles are those which compel a viewer to read. When you have an attractive title, keyword and the content relevant to your audience, more than sixty percent of the work is done.

7. Original Content

Just as a novel carries the name of its famous author, a painting of its creator, similarly the content carries your name. Kindly note, every post needs to be originally written by you. There are tens of thousands of writers conveying in their own ideas, the same title and subjects, but it is up to you to make a mark. If you have patience, you can make your own unique style to even an overworked subject.

If you copy it from other websites, it will be bad for your client, SEO and worse for your future reputation. You can use a tool such as copyscape to check for plagiarism. You may have written on your own, but it will be easy that the sentences of other writers can easily match yours as there are many articles with the same title and content.

8. Other Skills

You need to know only the basics. You need to know HTML, SEO etc. You should also know about social media as you can build your brand name. You can make your articles reach out to more people, build a brand name and the followers can share the content. You should be out-going, active, friendly and most importantly, humanitarian. 

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