Contract Law: Offer and Acceptance

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Assignment Brief:

a) The Coffee Shop PLC (known as The Coffee Shop) was in need of facilities management services in their northwest cafes. They placed an advertisement in a regional newspaper, asking for facilities management service providers to get in touch with them.
On the 1st February, The Coffee Shop, sent a letter to Quick-Clean Ltd (known as Quick Clean), with whom they had been negotiating, offering them a contract to manage the facilities of all The Coffee Shops cafes in the North West for the next 12 months, at a cost of £17,500 per annum. The letter stipulated that Quick-Clean should respond by return post.

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Unfortunately, the letter from The Coffee Shop was wrongly addressed, and was not delivered to Quick-Clean until the 6th February. Quick Clean replied at once, and accepted the offer. The acceptance letter was posted at 10.00am on the 6th February.

In the meantime, on the 4th February, The Coffee Shop received an offer from Swift Cleaning Solutions Ltd (Known as Swift Cleaning Solutions), who had also seen the advertisement in the newspaper, to do the facilities management work for £16,000 per annum. Coffee Shop, having heard nothing from Quick-Clean, telephoned Swift Cleaning Solutions on the 5th February, and offered them the contract at £15,000 per annum. Swift Cleaning Solutions accepted.

The Coffee Shop sent a fax to Quick-Clean on 6 February, advising them that the offer of the 1st February was withdrawn. This fax was received on Quick-Cleans fax machine at 9.30am on the 6th February, but was not read by anyone until the 5.00 pm on the same day.

Advise The Coffee Shop, Quick-Clean and Swift Cleaning Solutions as to their legal liabilities, if any.

b) Would your answer differ if the fax sent by The Coffee Shop was received on Quick-Cleans machine at 11.00 am?
For clarification, section ‘a of the essay is worth 90% of the overall mark, with section ‘b worth 10% of the overall mark.
Secondary Research Level HE4 It is expected that the Reference List will contain between five and ten sources(cases) . As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include two academic books and case law.
can you please follow the OSCOLA referencing.
find attachment for OSCOLA referencing guide, i need to use 10 cases in this essay, 2-4 academic books.

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