Assignment of a correction

You’ll need the recently returned quantitative literacy research essay for this project.
I’ve made some remarks on your paper. Open your essay and select “review” from the top menu (located in the middle of the top menu) to read those comments. When in the review menu, select the “show comments” option in the page’s middle. Using the instructions below as a guide, revise your paper now.
You are exempt from this assignment if your quantitative literacy research essay grade was 90 or higher. Continue your wonderful work.
You will utilize the essay posted on Blackboard, just beneath this assignment, to make the necessary revisions if you did not submit your paper or if you submitted it after the deadline.
Everyone else will work on their individual papers.
1. Enter your corrections in a question-and-answer format on a Word document. Please paste my remarks together with the sentence or paragraph that was incorrect in the questions. Make the appropriate corrections to the answers.
For instance
The following is a comma fusion.
Grandma is still cruising about on her Harley, her toy poodle perched in a basket between the handlebars.
Grandma continues to ride her Harley-Davidson. Between the handlebars, her miniature poodle balances in a basket.
List all of your mistakes along with how you fixed them in this manner. Read the old notes and webpages listed on the course homepage if you need further information about the indicated errors.
2. Once all the revisions have been made, condense your paper into a brief paragraph (200–300 words).
3. Review the grading criteria listed at the bottom of this document after writing the summary, and then briefly discuss any adjustments you might have made to the essay to improve it.
You will use this assignment to help you create your final portfolio. The assignment is due by midnight on Thursday, October 15. There will be no collection of late work.
PS: Your paper includes my comments on it, unless you failed to submit it or you submitted it after the deadline.
Use this URL to access the resource:
For further information, see “How do I view the comments in a Word document?”


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