Corrections in the U.S.

Description 4 questions. 600 word minimum per question, paraphrase only, at least two sources per question. Sources must be 2009 or later. Use attached reference as one of the references. 1. Compare legitimate power, reward power, and coercive power. As a correctional worker, give examples of each and explain when each type of power should be used. 2. Outline the steps that should be taken to develop an institution culture that creates an atmosphere among staff members that supports a reasonable and effective use of force policy. Explain the steps that are critical to this developmental process and consider the factors that will work against the implementation of this effort. 3. Consider the critical need to prepare for the full range of possible emergent events that require emergency plan implementation. What are the impediments to preparation? How can a proactive leader overcome these challenges? 4. After reading about the Mock Prison Riot Training at the Former West Virginia State Penitentiary, consider the hands-on training associated with the mock prison riot program. Do you believe this program is worthwhile and worth the obvious expense of staff time, travel to this annual event, as well as the cost of the program? Does this type of preparation create a mindset of a tactical response to challenging inmate confrontation? In an essay, evaluate the option of such training in terms of the specific need to prepare your staff for a crisis situation versus the cost of the training.

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