Save The Planet Exploration Research


  1. Research many (10-15 at least) groups that are trying to save the planet.
  2. Choose 2-4 of them to comment on. Write a paragraph on what you have found and why they are interesting or exciting to you.


The following are a smattering of Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs or private groups initiatives and organizations that exist to protect some corner of the globe.

Conservation international

The Trust for Public Land

World Wildlife Fund

The Ocean Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

A Rocha

There are thousands if not millions of other similar groups at the local level. They focus on every possible natural or cultural heritage related issue. Here is a selection of a few others that operate more on a local level. Cities have groups doing everything from water clean ups to rooftop gardens. Check out the Parks for people programs of the Trust for Public Land for example.

The Land Trust Alliance

Cave Conservancy of Hawaii

Hill Country Conservancy in Texas

Dapa Viva Conservation Organization in Colombia

Jack Johnson’s celebrity status really did help save the North Shore

The National Trust of England. There is one for Scotland and most other countries too.

Archaeological Conservancy

Cultural Survival International protects indigenous peoples.

Remember there are a whole lot of rip off ones too. Temptation and corruption, and saintly acts of sacrifice and service. What to do? This is a universal human problem whether you are a university receiving a lucrative project to study (and not necessarily do anything about) an environmental issue, or a corporate manager looking at the bottom lines for profit; or a poor villager needing food, as a delicious endangered species walks by….






Why would a person move to Paris? Why do you see it as advantageous? What are the benefits and privileges of living in Paris? Don’t forget to add Graphics/pics

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