Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses CRIMINAL JUSTICE. One of the scenes h

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses CRIMINAL JUSTICE.
One of the scenes has Irwin Fletcher, who is a journalist under the name Jane Doe, trying to buy drugs from a suspected dealer, Sam. He is approached by Alan Stanwyk on the beach, only in this scene Fletcher identifies himself as Ted Nugent, with the offer of $1000 just to listen to an offer Mr. Alan had to make.
The offer Alan makes while inside his home office is for Fletch to kill him, Alan because he was suffering from bone cancer, and Fletch would be paid $50000. As justifiable as this may sound for many, mercy killing is a crime punishable under law. In the event the two are caught, they both can be prosecuted for murder and colluding to murder, on Alan’s part. When one goes to court for mercy killing, the charge is plainly murder, and it is the judge to consider the “mercy” element during his sentencing as per the provisions under The Criminal Justice Act 2003, Schedule 21 (Becker, 2005).
Another element of crime that surfaces while in Alan’s office is that of insurance fraud. The suggestion that suicide would nullify the insurances policy Alan’s company has on him is a clear idea that Alan is motivated by money. His intents are to have his wife benefit from the insurance money in the result of his death, which would not be the case in the occurrence of a suicide. The penalties for this could lead to imprisonment and the withdrawal of the insurance policy placed on him. Section 1347 of Title 18 of the United States Code makes it illegal for this offense and one can be sentenced up to 20 years imprisonment (Becker, 2005). The next crime element can be witnessed in the office of Mr. Alan’s boss where Fletch is impersonating a SEC investigator. This is an attempt to find out if Alan has involved himself with any improprieties. This is a criminal offense of impersonation, especially of a government officer and the use of false identity to acquire confidential information that

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