Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Written Landscapes. The main issue to

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Written Landscapes.
The main issue to be addressed is the correlation between changes in landscape’s literary representations and the underlying cultural transformations of human civilizations.
The importance of landscape in the ancient mythological narratives cannot be understated. This is because myths’ key concepts inherently relied on the association of specific sacral space with relevant landscape features such as mountains, seas, forests. In the Greek myths, Richard Buxton observes that the very depiction of the world’s creation in Hesiod is directly related to the emergence of landscapes necessary for all life to thrive. 1 By virtually abounds with references to sacred places that are conceptualized particular (and very much real) landscapes to be revered and visited Indian mythology is similar to the Greek mythology. In particular, sacred mountains like Himalaya and rivers such as Ganges played an instrumental role in the organization of Indian sacred landscape. Moreover, as one may see
Similarly, the Near Eastern myths appear to reflect the preoccupation of ancient people with the connection between landscape and the sacred. The Epic of Gilgamesh is notable especially due to its emphasis on the notion of ‘cultivating’. The previously from the rich legacy of Indian epics, ancient Indians paid great attention to the connection between their landscapes and divine characters of their myths. 2 ‘Uncivilized’, or more precisely the ‘monstrous’ landscape by the divine or divinely inspired hero was not notable. The same motif can be found in the myths of Heracles and in his struggle against malevolent creatures of nature as well as in Beowulf, with this epic poem’s contrast between the bright palaces of human kings and dark marshes and deep seas, where the creatures of darkness dwell. 3 This contrast seems to be present in the number of other mythologies.
In contrast to the epic poems and heroic myths on lyric poetry, the

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