Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses The Historical Development of the Ed

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses The Historical Development of the Educational System of Tanzania And How It Works Today.
This essay stresses that after the Second World War, the British initiated the capitalist movement in the hope that mass education would stimulate the community development. Literacy provided was only to the extent that farming would increase. Post independence, the situation changed to a great deal, in which Julius Nyerere had a very significant role to play. This essay would examine the changes in the educational system, the contribution of Nyerere, the positive and negative aspects of Swahili, and the importance of English in the Tanzania educational system.
This paper makes a conclusion that private investment is necessary to foster a learning environment which would help in imparting both knowledge and technology. Even it is the agricultural sector, advanced technology can help reap the maximum benefits. The education sector has hitherto suffered due to poor resource allocation. External finance would be required to cover the shortfalls that would enable the government to fulfil its goals. The World Bank, the EU, the Netherlands, SIDA, JICA, Ireland Aid, GTZ, Finland, Norway, and CIDA are all contributing to the primary education sub-sector (Riddell). What is required is the recruitment and upgradation of teachers, trained administrative and financial managers to run the school, and empowerment of school committees. Complementary basic education today functions to absorb the absorb the out-of-school, over-age children but its role has to be enhanced.

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