Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Childhood Obesity and Fitnessgram Te

Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Childhood Obesity and Fitnessgram Testing.
The research affirmed that teachers can implement this assessment tool to act and operate as an instructional instrument. The assessment tool helps teachers to design a significant curriculum that will assist them to meet the needs of their students where they show the deficiency. The qualitative sample showed that the students that are in the intervention group have a positive view on the Fitnessgram assessment and its ability to enhance their BMI. The Fitnessgram makes students aware of the level of their fitness and design ways to maintain it. The research showed that if students show a full strength on the five components of the assessment tool (aerobic capacity, abdominal strength, flexibility, body composition, and upper body strength), they can be termed as physically fit. When a student is fit in these five key areas, then the student is healthy, active, and fully operation member of the society. The project showed that the tool served the five principal goals and improved the health outcomes and fitness levels of the sampled students. It also provided Georgia with a longitudinal data that they can develop self-assessment techniques that they can know their fitness level, use fitness information to develop instructional programs and decisions, and develop a long-time activity for their students. The analysis of the t-test and the means for the independent samples showed that the participants in the sample were statistically identical (refer to table 1).&nbsp.

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