Create a 13 page essay paper that discusses The current business situation at th

Create a 13 page essay paper that discusses The current business situation at this Starbucks shop and management operations aspects.
The paper tells that operation management is the process through which inputs, in form of raw materials and labor, are transformed into finished goods and services. The main impact of operations management in a firm is a positive perceived value that the customer feels has been added to a product, which will make him come back every other time. Since operations management determines the quality of products and services, it is a key basis for the determination of success and long-term sustainability of the company. To ensure a firm is successful currently and in future, operations management have to be the best practices for high quality and efficiency in a production or service industry firm. The focus of the assignment will be on Starbucks Coffee Company and the specific branch will be the Starbucks coffee shop on 91 Clarence high street in Kingston town (Kingston Upon Thames, London, United Kingdom). In 1971, a delicate coffee and tea vendor was founded and named Starbucks. The company began operations by offering coffee to restaurants and espresso bars. The chairperson and CEO Howard Schultz in 1985 transformed the business by altering it into an international coffee brand involved in coffee service, high-quality goods, and augmented desire to teach clients on the importance of coffee and tea. From the Seattle roots, Starbucks has expanded internationally to market imported coffee, Italian style espresso, food products, cold beverages, fine teas, and coffee fixtures. Currently, Starbucks has developed a good brand image with its 176,000 employees and has created lasting relationships with coffee farmers and manufacturers. Starbucks consists of 17,000 stores situated in 49 countries globally with a high brand demonstration in the United States. A transformation model is a framework used to aid leaders in understanding their organizations

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