Create a 16 page essay paper that discusses Employee Engagement in Sainsburys Su

Create a 16 page essay paper that discusses Employee Engagement in Sainsburys Supermarkets.
The Nature of Employee Engagement
Increasingly, employees have been faced with more, and more exacting, demands by their employers in the workplace. As a result, employee health and satisfaction have suffered as work life has proceeded to encroach upon personal and family life. Employee health and satisfaction have begun to deteriorate, fostering an escalating cynicism and mistrust by the employee against the firm. In return, corporations have given little in return, rendering most jobs staid and frustrating, something employees would have resigned from long ago were it not for the paycheck.
According to Flade, more than 80% of the workforce in the UK have expressed a lack of commitment to their jobs, resulting in an untapped reservoir of potential energy that organizations could, with the proper approach, tap to improve productivity while fostering greater employee satisfaction. When employees are unhappy about their jobs, their disinterest and apathy become a hindrance to their smooth and competent performance on the job, and may impact negatively on the firm’s productivity and profitability.
It is for this reason that employee engagement, has been developed as a tool for the proper and productive motivation of employees. Kennedy and Daim state that employee engagement is taken by many to signify the “management of discretionary effort”. Employees are so situated that they would choose to act in furtherance of their organization’s goals, because their own goals are identified with it.

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