Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses 10 C’s for Writing Effectively. It is

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses 10 C’s for Writing Effectively.
It is therefore highly due of the organization to pay him back in a modest way and send him off with the most deserving manner that he deserves.
It is therefore decided that a formal farewell will be organized which will be held in the evening hours of the working. All the members are cordially invited to and requested to join the farewell party and make their presence felt and pay back the honorable officer Mr. Joe Banyon as a tribute to his contributions.
The departments are requested to organize and arrange for activities in the form of small skits, performances, tribute or any other effort that may make the respected Mr. Joe Banyon well received and warmly treated before his retirement.
The farewell party is still six days away, and the following email ids and phone numbers are attached through which the members can get in touch and coordinate or consult for any kind of suggestions, information or ideas that they may feel appropriate for the event for which gathering and entire event is being organized.
These Cs include, communication, Correctness and Coherence. All of these variables were either partially touched upon or were missing in the initially written mail and letter. Adding these have made it possible to address the entire unit. The addition of email address, and adding formal touch to the letter has also added one more C of formal letter writing. This C is added in the form of Connection between the different elements of the letter. The connection point allows for a clearly written paper establishing a link between the different terminals and points of

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