Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Choose a suitable topic for this pape

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Choose a suitable topic for this paper.
Facebook is the only alternative to all other social portals like AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Hotmail, Flickr, YouTube, and MySpace, etc. and provide its users a single login ID for all their social interaction needs (Bilton, 2012).
While on the other hand, Twitter also provides its user with chat and messaging facilities to stay connected with each other. Twitter is more like an open forum for all where anyone can make their network and connect with each other to share their views. Twitter also allows its user to follow anyone unless the user blocks the other user. Generally Twitter is considered as blogging platform. Both of the websites are pure communication tools in which users can easily update their views and status and can also get quick response from their network. These social websites are also use for marketing purpose and many of the individuals and companies get effective results by promoting their products (Bilton, 2012).
In Facebook, it is easier to find friends and family as compared to Twitter. Facebook also suggests its users to find friends by matching their personal attributes and preferences with others, while Twitter does not give suggestions for friends. in fact, users have to find their friends themselves. In Facebook, users are fully equipped to control or to expand their networks but the permission is required from other users to become friend with them. In Twitter, a user can follow other members and for that no permission is required, however, when one user does not want to be followed by another he or she can easily block each other (Bilton, 2012).
In Twitter, one user can be followed by everyone and anyone can comment and share their views with all their followers, whereas in Facebook user is only restricted to its own network of friends and communities and can only share their views among them. Facebook allows its user to share images and videos and to comment on these videos and images. On the other hand, there is no such

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