Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Development of Project Proposal. (201

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Development of Project Proposal.
(2011) explains that change control procedures include the steps for what and how modification of official company standards, policies, plans, and procedures, project documents would be approved and validated and made part of final project management plan. Project manager and project team is mainly responsible to identify the change control procedures at all level and their inclusion in the plan. PMBOK (2008) suggests that Integrated Change Control procedure includes the following activities based upon the current status of the project.
Changes to project scope always impact the components of the triple constraint i.e., cost, schedule and scope. A scope creep is likely to be associated with increase in cost and time required but may or may not impact the motivation of the project team (PMBOK 2008). In our project, it is essential to have a formal change control procedure in accordance with the steps described below.
Initial project duration was calculated to be 61 days with an estimated cost of 5630 €. Please see appendix ‘A’ and ‘B’ for reference. After the approval of change request, change to the project schedule and cost were recalculated as a result of project scope creep. The analysis revealed that now the project duration would be 71 days with an estimated cost of 8235 €. Please see Appendix ‘C’ and ‘D’ for reference. This indicated that project duration increased from 61 days to 71 days but was well within the promised duration of 14 weeks (14X7=98 days). However, as a result of adding a new wing to the building the cost increased from 5630 € to 8235 €, an increase of 46% in project cost.
Contractor, with expertise in construction, will work in conjunction with the client (Smith) to manage the construction of a house building with an additional wing. The contractor would assist the client in developing detailed construction project plan, schedule, resource plan and execution of the project. The contractor would identify and track

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