Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses I’m a manager in a large global manuf

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses I’m a manager in a large global manufacturing.
The main reason for this transformation is the shift in the attitude, behavior, moral and ethical values of organizations. The impact of globalization and the implementation of technology are two major factors that resulted in such changes. In an organization, the organizational culture evolves as a result of values and behavior handed over from one generation of workers to the next. Besides, management policies, the vision of the company etc also influence the organization culture. The attitudes and perceptions of workers also play a major role in the formation of an entity’s organizational culture.
An instance of change of organization culture, in this context, can be seen when one considers Steve Job of Apple. “No one denied that Apples rise was aided immeasurably by his [Steve Jobs] astonishing energy and persuasiveness and charisma and chutzpah” (Deutschman, 2011). The attitude of employees has also changed from what it has been earlier. 10 years back employees merely did their job. However, now they attempt to improve their skills to handle their operations more efficiently. The management in the modern world also supports this as the competition is quite high and organizations compete with one another to recruit the best talent available in the market. Attitude towards team work has also increased. Thus, now employees work together to achieve common organizational goals. In the given example of Apple, there is a significant change in the attitude of management towards employees. They consider employees as a part of company and that is the reason why Steve Job believes in the concept of “hire for attitude, train for skills.” (Poor Leadership Undermines US Organizations, 2011). As one can observe from the growth of Apple, the model implemented by Steve Job has facilitates healthy collaboration between management and employees, which is the basis of their

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