Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Internet. ething that is elicited whe

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Internet.
ething that is elicited when taste receptors are being stimulated while smell is elicited when olfactory neurons are being stimulated (Taste and Smell, n.d.). Both of these senses play a huge role in enriching the taste of any kind of food as our sense of taste would make us taste food we take in, whether it is bitter, sour, sweet, or salty while at the same time the sense of smell would help us savor food by adding flavor to it. Thus, you can see that there is really a huge connection between taste and smell when it comes to enjoying the food we eat.
Now, getting into scientific terms and understanding of the question why we cannot taste food when we have colds when taste is a matter of the mouth while the nose is for smelling, one of the reason behind is the fact that seventy–five percent of what we can taste when we eat food actually comes from our sense of smell (Taste And Smell, n.d.). That is why, although you do not notice or realize it, while you eat your favorite steak, you feel so good and are so convinced that it was the best steak you have ever tasted because you smell the great aroma of the different spices combined to achieve the certain flavor overall. Also, another fact that would explain this question is that our taste buds which are the feature of our mouth only allows us to taste bitter, salty, sweet, and sour flavors however, it is the odor molecules our sense of smell collect give us the greatest sensation of taste. This principle would just explain why foul smelling food would not taste so well for people just like jackfruit though a few people are able to go beyond its odor. Aside from that, another source would also say that this is so because as the nose is placed closely with the mouth, the combination of these two functions is the one that makes the brain recognize taste easier and faster. However, when you have colds which makes it not function so well, you will not taste food so well because your brain do not get the normal amount of

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