Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Master of Science in Information Mana

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Master of Science in Information Management.
I had an attitude of first solving my issues before I sought for help. This attitude, seemingly, has made me have a passion in providing solutions in the ever advancing technological world.
In class, I have done well in information technology with the general point average (gpa) of 3, 3. I have also done well in the IT lab and was named the best student in our class. In today’s living, all realms of life require information and technology. In the medical sector, robots are assuming the precise role of surgery. Data storage would be hectic if people were dependent on print media. Transfer of information has become lightning fast and the world has become a global village. With this in mind, and all other myriad of solutions that can be offered by technology, an advancement of knowledge in this field is imperative. The results are a good gauge of what I am capable of doing, given the chance to expand to a master’s level.
I have excellent leadership skills that enhance my relationship with other students at Syracuse University, and that I have developed and learned from the university. As a leader, I hope to reconcile the interests of the student with those of the university. I will also use the learned skills in information technology in giving back to the community. Currently, I engage in activities where I teach the community members and those around me on the importance of protecting their personal information and ways through which they can do this. As a group, we talk to the small and upcoming businesses that are embracing the use of information and computer technology in their business operations.
With new data gathering tools being invented and the computing power increasing in leaps and bounds, companies and governments need new policies and strategic plans on how to utilize the large amounts of data that is being captured. In order to stay competitive in this world where

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