Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Microbiology-Leishmaniasis Disease Co

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Microbiology-Leishmaniasis Disease Control Plan.
icated as the most common form that causes a sore at the bite site and even leaves a permanent scar, Diffuse cutaneous Leishmaniasis which resembles leprosy and is difficult to treat which starts like cancer of the skin leading to damage of tissue especially on the nose and mouth (Elliott, 2011).
Although the approach to controlling the causal agent of this disease depends on the behavior of the target vector, some of its transmissions which are associated with activities in the forests can be reduced by ensuring that no dwellings are close to the forests. The Governments of the United States and Spain have done a lot in the vector control particularly by spraying insecticides on tree trunks resting sites. This has highly achieved in providing short term protection to the residents around forested regions. In addition, clearing of forests around homesteads combined with insecticide application in the cleared regions, has led in reduction of sand flies and the yearly reported number of people who are infected with the disease. Likewise, repellents can be useful under certain circumstances such as when people are going into the forests for occupational or recreational purposes. In such cases the use of insecticide treated nets and spraying the forests is advised since it reduces the rate of transmission. Another major measure towards controlling the disease done is clearing trees and bushes over a radius of at least one kilometer around houses (Elliott, 2011).
One of the main methods that I propose in order to control sand flies with insecticides is indoor residual spraying which should be used in areas which have a very active rate of transmission. This requires good knowledge of the epidemiology of Leishmaniasis and the local vector behavioral characteristics and the ecology. The effectiveness of these largely depends on other factors such as the method of application and overall coverage, the quality of the insecticide used and the type of surface sprayed or

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