Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Modern Literature. Marcuez is trying

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Modern Literature.
Marcuez is trying to suggest that the old man did not look very good as he had lice and wore ragged clothes, and also that he didnt show any miracles so he was treated with cruelty. The narrator does not comment on it to show that he is an angel untill the end when he finally flies away (Pelayo 69).
The ghost is the spiritual wonders of the characters and the house. The narrator suffered many bad experiences, and escaped her house too. She returned as mature and stable. The novel emphasizes on the power of language. When the narrator writes, the pain is relieved (Cisneros 109).
Emily’s mother’s choices were not suitable in her childhood which led her to loose all faith over herself. However, now that her mother does efforts to bring her confidence back, it is not impossible to make her believe in herself (Koppelman 177).
The narrator is not ignoring the racial problems but he onlu wants Sonny to address them in a productive way. He thinks going to prison or selling heroine and living life as a drug addict would be harmful and he should rather live it productively (Baldwin 56).
Fitzgerald, if alive today, would have been struck by the materialism and lack of morality seen in the American society. The American society’s dream is just like Gatsby’s which was corrupted by dishonesty and money. Unfortunately today this immorality and love for wealth has increased greatly which has spoiled the society (Fitzgerald 133).
Hughes, in the last line of the poem, is stating the truth about what happens when people are disenfranchised. He gives several examples to explain the context of the deferred dream. The Civil Rights movement is the best example of America’s disenfranchised groups exploding. This was when the African Americans fought for their rights and achieved the right to vote (Haugen 51).
The best response to discrimination and disenfranchisement is education. The discriminated groups

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