Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Personal Statement for Engineering Co

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Personal Statement for Engineering Course.
It is my belief that anybody who wants to have a future working in the field of electronics needs to be familiar with and a graduate of that particular course. Specially if one is preparing for a career in Electrical Engineering.
I can still recall the very first time that I came to understand the importance of Electronics in our lives. I was a child whose inquisitive mind was indulged by my parents. So they did not think anything of it when they caught me disassembling our transistor radio, my dads calculator, or my moms hair dryer. They knew that my fascination for all things electrical drove me to open things up just to see what made it work and how.
My interest in electronics turned out to not be a passing childhood fancy. As I matured I found myself getting more and more interested in the background of electronics and how these various, boards, and circuits managed to come together to create a working, fluid, and super charged electrical circuit. So it came as no wonder when I told my parents that I wanted to study college courses that would lead me towards a career in Electrical Engineering when the time came for me to attend college. Although my parents supported my dreams, they both agreed that I would best benefit from strengthening my electronic background and knowledge first. Hence the 2 year Electrical Installation degree. It really did help prepare me better for my goal of attending an electrical engineering course. I have always been a numerical person and my interest in Math came in quite handy in this case. It seems that Math and Electronics make for perfect bedfellows. Its merging in my personality creates the ultimate Electrical Engineer in the best possible way.
With my Electrical Installation degree tucked under my belt, I feel that I am now in a position to further pursue my dreams of becoming an electrical engineer. With my courses in Application

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