Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Policy Brief ( 2 pages (1.5 line spac

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Policy Brief ( 2 pages (1.5 line spacing) and the third page for sources only ) please please please i want and need to get full mark. thank u very much.
benefits for Vermont State, and the state should continue educating and encouraging its residents to take advantage of the Medicaid program (Sara, 2013).
The state of Vermont has always prioritized the health of its members. It extended Medicaid to parents who had a higher income than the standard eligible income limit, given that the standard limit was in many cases below half the poverty level. In addition, Vermont covered parents who did not have children, unlike other states. Additionally, the state enacted a single-payer health care legislation in 2011. It consequently established an insurance exchange to meet the requirements of the ACA act until it applies for a waiver on the implementation of the single payer system.
Vermont records approximately 47,000 uninsured people. This comprises of a large number of the population, which needs to be covered, to improve their ability to access medical attention. Fortunately, for the state, following the adoption of the 2010 ACA act, this number shall reduce significantly, as the regulation encourages more people to enroll for Medicaid (Holahan, Buettgens, Caroll, & Dorn, 2012).
Following the generous Medicaid program that the state of Vermont has always held, implementation of the ACA will benefit the state, as it shall spend less on Medicaid, compared to other states. The state shall adjust its current federal medical assistance percentage to match the enhanced FMAP (Manatt Health Solutions, Center for Health Care strategies, & State Health Data Assistance Center, 2012). Such adjustments shall also offset the probable increase in administrative costs, thus making the Medicaid beneficial for Vermont. Consequently, the state shall benefit greatly from the ACA act, thus boosting the economic position of the state. More to this, adopting the expansion serves the state better, given that even states that do not expand their Medicaid still contribute Medicaid funds to the federal government.
Following the expansion of

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