Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Restaurant Comparison. TGI Fridays al

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Restaurant Comparison.
TGI Fridays also uses the service but it can be seen that the company strongly relies on the services that are offered by the workers.
2. For McDonalds, this servicescape has a positive influence on customer perceptions of the overall service experience given that it is designed to reflect the organization’s way of doing business. The service is designed in such a way that it portrays the company as unique and offering special products that cannot be matched by other competitors. Focus is put on the burgers that are offered by the company. on the other hand, TGI Fridays specifically focus on the core aspects that shape its business such as fried chips and chicken.
3. Physical characteristics such as color, lighting, shapes and sound in each servicescape significantly influence the customer’s experience. Essentially, the whole service is mainly designed to appeal to the senses of hearing as well as sight such that the customers can experience something new as soon as they visit the premises. The motion pictures are colorful and they appeal to the interests of the customers since they have been designed in a captivating way.
4. Both restaurants use state of the art equipment in order to attract many customers. The furniture is carefully designed and the floors are tiled in different styles such that they look attractive to different people who may happen to visit the places. McDonalds offers drive through services and these are very convenient to the customers.
5. McDonalds uses the servicescape as a differentiator in that it helps the workers to improve their performance. For instance, through the use of video, the employees are in a better position to see what is happening in every corner of the restaurant. This can also help the workers to respond quickly to the customers. Fridays on the other hand uses this particular service to improve the efficiency of the employees in their service delivery. The employees have a clear view of

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