Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Software Usability SLP. The homepage

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Software Usability SLP.
The homepage provides a brief description about the content of the main sections making it more user friendly to the customers. Each section is further divided in to subsections and different categories for convenience. Related links are also provided with the content of each section.
A link is provided in the home page to the blog which was started in July 2009 and has several usability articles.
Unlike a typical personal or commercial website, this blog is written by authors with sound professional background adding more value to the authenticity and accuracy of the article. Comments for the blog articles were also written or moderated carefully by the experts and beneficiaries in the field.
Commercial advertisements such as Google ads are not run in the website following the usual practice of official websites. However site promotional announcements and RSS feeds are displayed right top corner of the homepage and other sections.
The design, fonts and the colors used in the site are user friendly and comfortable. The site provides a range of specific and undiluted information on usability. However categorization seems to be lacked in this site. Most of the articles are written randomly without relating to existing articles. Although the search option is provided in the website, it is still confusing to find the needed information. If information in the main sections categorized under relevant topics and lessons (instead of random articles) are provided this will be more convenient for the target audience.
Most of the articles provided in the site are short in length. Although they provide information on major topics directly, the users who visit an official government website expect more informative content than briefed information. Although the accuracy and the authenticity high number of articles as well as the length in the site is not adequate for a government official

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