Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses The Five People You Meet in Heaven. T

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses The Five People You Meet in Heaven.
The fundamental question that the reading elicited in me is to inquire my purpose in life on the Earth. The supernatural power makes everything with a purpose, and the human beings must find their reasons for living. I was able to realize that the aim of being here on the Earth is to live our lives and touch other people’s lives in a positive way. The human beings should not be egocentric, but willing to assist in every possible way.
The book provoked me to think deeply about the kind of the people I will meet after I die. The poetic description of the several steps that Eddie traversed through while in heaven in search for self-fulfilling peace evokes a lot of fear in me. The lessons he learned bring into perspective the external existentialistic questions that prompt me to think of my life purpose in non-intrusive manner. The questions are so intense that they provoke me to ponder about my life and the lives of others more sympathetically. It seems to me that whatever humans do here on the Earth has meaning, and it is paramount to realize the purpose to avoid shock when we cross into the other world.
I can connect the Eddie’s character with my uncle. My uncle loves helping people in the best way he can. In fact, my uncle can spend many funds donating to the charity organizations and assisting the needy. Nonetheless, he does not solicit any respect or recognition for the philanthropic initiative. Eddie and my uncle have notable similarities. Just like Eddie, I can say that my uncle has touched many lives in a positive way. Notably, the age did not prevent Eddie from executing his roles that center on the quest to make a difference in people’s lives. The book shows that Eddie died on his 83rd birthday while saving a little girl’s life on a falling cart (Albom, 2006). My uncle is old, but the age does not deter him from extending the philanthropic services to the people who deserve. To me, this is a significant

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