Create a 20 page essay paper that discusses Organisational Behaviour of Siemens

Create a 20 page essay paper that discusses Organisational Behaviour of Siemens and Dell Companies.
Research claims that OB is the study of “the interface between human behavior and the organization, and of the organization itself”. The organizational structure reflects the framework of management and delineates employee relationships “at different levels within the organization”. Research has labeled organizational culture the glue which holds an organizational together and “addresses the lived experiences of people”. Siemens is a multinational conglomerate which originated in Germany and is headquartered there in Berlin. Being the largest company in entire Europe, it has always made strikingly innovative efforts to preserve its reputation over changing times. A wide range of quality products is offered by Siemens from medical imaging equipment to transport products to generators to electrical services. Dell, in contrast, is primarily a computer manufacturing American company which is known for dealing with computers and laptops. Dell has a reputation for delivering quality to its customers by designing products in exact accordance with customer specification. There are different leadership styles seen at both Siemens and Dell which will be scrutinized in this report. Organisational structure is a formal system of task and relationships which controls how people in a workplace interact with each other to accomplish organizational objectives. In addition to shaping behavior and different operations, it is also important to remember that organizational structure is dynamic and “evolves as an organization grows and differentiates”. Some important types of organizational structure are functional, divisional, and matrix. The above figure shows how a business is structured in a functional structure. Departments are set up to control different areas of activity. In this structure, an organization is divided into different groups and each group has its own purpose. There are different types of departments like a marketing department, a designing department, a sales department etc.

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