Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Criminology / (Book) Criminology Toda

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Criminology / (Book) Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction,(4th ed.) by Prentice Hall / Chapter 8.
een crime and the family is specifically apparent: an amazing forty-six percent of prisoners are of the view that they have intimate relatives who have been in prison earlier (Gains & Miller 38).
Learning theory is one type of social process theory, and it was introduced by Edwin Sutherland and as per this theory,
crime is described as learned behavior. The teacher who will be normally a family member or friend will teach emotional and practical skills that are needed to engross in criminal activity. Thus, people who involve in these disparaging criminal actions have better opportunities of involving in criminal activities themselves.
One another kind of social process theory is labeling theory, which argues that somebody is branded as criminal or delinquent by officials or authorities. The disgrace that results from these social process bars a person from the society or community thereby augment the opportunities that the individual will acknowledge such a label as his identity and engross in a style of criminal behavior. (Gains & Miller 38).
Conflicting theory presupposes that conflict is the normal condition of the society, and this theory supposes that control over society needs active restraint, sometimes in the guise of coercion. This ideology believes that common interests and values cannot maintain social control, since they are not in existence. There are many varieties of conflicting theories, which include feminists, left realism, postmodern thought and peacekeeping but they all reallocate their significance from to make enforcing and law making from that of law breaking. Conflicting theories affirm that criminal law does not mirror agreed-on principles, absolute or universal moral values. On the other hand, the other hand, criminal law characterizes and how criminal justice agencies protect and preserve, the values and the interests of the principal social groups. Thus, under conflict theory, criminal law and procedure are meant to safeguard the

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