Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Critical Review of a molecular cancer

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Critical Review of a molecular cancer article.
Immunohistochemistry was performed through the use of specified antibodies against hCG on the tumor tissue with paraffin section. This method permits visualization of distinct antigens in the sections of the tissues by binding the antibodies to tiny and unique areas on those molecules. According to Werner, M., von Wasielewski, R., & Komminoth, P. (1996), the fixatives often applied before paraffin-entrenching are aldehydes. In this sense, formaldehyde is often used as it is rather cheap and easy to use. However, this is not the best method because formaldehyde fixation may lead to the hindrance of immunohistochemistry in some paraffin sections. The antigens visible in paraffin sections might end up being formalin-resistant. Concerning non-resistant antigens, it is recommended that a lot of care be taken to prevent the irreversibility of epitopes denaturing by the fixation process. This will hinder the prevention of the formation of antibody-antigen developments.
FACS analyses through the use of propidium iodide staining was carried out for DNA content measurement. In addition, apoptotic population was quantified as the proportion of the total cell population with contents of sub-G, DNA. It is arguable that the Stromal population of diploid, normal cells is mostly not cycling. Darzynkiewicz et al argue that propidium iodide is the most widely used dye because of its red fluorescence and it can also be raised to 488nm. However, the method of staining used is not the most appropriate because propidium iodide stains all double marooned DNA and the dye I removed by the plasma membrane to allow the cells to be fixed prior to adding the dye. Petersen et al., 1985 and Vindelov, 1983 recommend that the simplest technique to be used here is to fix the cells in a higher percentage of ethanol. about 70%. Alternatively, the cells can be enucleated y suspending them into a

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