Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses MS Project and Team Leadership. Ident

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses MS Project and Team Leadership.
Identifying and eliminating unnecessary spending is the need of the hour and can take us back on track. Together we need to explore all possible avenues to limit spending and even change the financial strategies if required. As you all know failure to stick to the budget can seriously hinder the project and have negative effects on the organization as well.
Usually high performance is linked with increase in productivity and better and speedy results. A high performance team is one in which every member strives to achieve better results, is capable of solving problems faster and readily adapts to change. On the other hand, one poor performer in a team can take the whole team down and lower the productivity (De Dreu & Weingrate, 2003. Shepperd, 1993). It is said that the performance of an employee depends directly on motivation and the attitude of the employee (Akanbi, 2011).
Sometimes an otherwise capable team member underperforms because he is uncertain of his roles and responsibilities and does not know what is expected of him (Coutu, 2009). This lack of clarity reflects on the work. In such cases the leader should explain the role clearly and then discuss with the team member what the priorities should be. Leaders can help such team members through consistent feedback. Feedback helps the team members to identify their goals and direction. For instance in case of this project, if the team member is not clear about the overtime policies than the overtime plan he designs will not be acceptable.
Lack of motivation is another reason why a team member may underperform (Davidson et al, 2005). In such cases the underperformer can be improved through carefully targeted training. The leader must understand that no two employees can be motivated the same way. Some team members get motivated when treated as an equal. Leaders can motivate such team members by

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