Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Social Security Research Paper. The l

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Social Security Research Paper.
The largest generation in the country is the younger one of less than 65 years. This number has been increased by the influx of immigrants which has a high population rate than the natives of the land. These people have a long way to go before they can not only start to enjoy their social security savings but start saving in the fund as well.
They however need to be sustained by the government in every way possible. The fact that majority of their parents lack enough money to support them and provide enough for them in terms of provision of the basic services. they need the government to assist them. Majority need to even be paid employment wages and especially during the inflation period when the jobs are no longer available and in fact people are being given early retirements from their employments. The government can only manage to sustain this group of people if it can have a little extra tax and this is possible through using the social security funds of the elderly that do not need them anymore (LeMay, 2007).
This policy will not be easy to be implemented because it involves the life savings of this group of people. Some of them started contributing to the fund even before they got to start having their own personal savings and when they lacked enjoying the nice things and luxuries in life simply because they were paying student loans and did not have enough to spare. There are some that had been looking forward to enjoying this money at their retirement. Now that they are rich, they may no longer need the cash but it is still their savings and a representation of how far they have come in life. In order to convince them to part with it, they have to be told to think about it as a form of charity to the needy in society, those who are needy of cheaper and more affordable services and for the sake of their survival. People give to charities to assist and if they consider the money as such, it will be

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