Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses General Education Teachers Preparedne

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses General Education Teachers Preparedness to Teach Special Education Students.
From this study it is clear that general educators should not only have knowledge of their content areas, but they should also be prepared to handle students of different abilities. Major areas of discussion on how to training general educators to be effective teachers in an inclusive classroom focus on the accountability of teachers. Teachers need to be accountable during their interactions with special needs students. Different strategies are used to prepare general educators in their teacher education programs. General education teachers should be prepared to meet all the needs of students regardless of their abilities. Interdisciplinary and collective programs ensure that these teachers are adequately prepared for their professional roles and responsibilities. These programs ensure that the teachers and students have a healthy exchange of ideas and concepts. An interdisciplinary approach to education promotes the use and development of core bodies of knowledge on human development, language acquisition, learning theory and linguistic diversity, in addition to the relevant skills, knowledge, values, attitudes and methods. This paper outlines that the preparation of general educators in a core curriculum requires the teacher to have an overview of the sequence and scope of the curriculum. In addition, the teachers are prepared in their subject areas. In this case, the teacher is prepared on curriculum areas of writing, reading, social studies and communicative skills. Advanced preparation of these teachers in these areas can be achieved using seminars and workshops. One of the most effective methods of training general education teachers is using collaborative methods. Collaboration in the teaching practice is a new concept. Currently, training programs emphasize on general, mainstream and special education teachers.&nbsp.

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