Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Health care payment reform in AbuDhab

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Health care payment reform in AbuDhabi.
Health care facilities in the country are currently offering free health care for Abu Dhabi residents as well as being covered by a new comprehensive health care insurance program. This program is financed by a shared cost of the employer and the employees as the number of doctors per 100,000 (annual average, 1990–99) is 181, (Rosenau, 2000)
Other developments include a state of-the-art general hospital opened in Abu Dhabi with a projected bed capacity of 143, a trauma unit, and the first home health care program in the UAE as on the other hand there are efforts to attract those individuals who had preferred medical treatment abroad for serious medical care. This treatment Centre seeks to offer a hospital free zone that will offer international-standards, advanced private health care and provide an academic medical training center. On the other hand, there has been the introduction of a mandatory health insurance scheme and the transitioning of hospital financing towards revenue-based model necessitated thinking about how to create price transparency and better align incentives between all parties involved, (Yeung, 2012).
Health expenditures are the most predominant expense in government spending and the more the population grows, the more private sectors will become a component part of the health system and the increasing need for private health insurance to cover expenses paid directly or enable access to private health care e.g., reforms and privatization in Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA. There is also a growth of specialized health players in private sectors as well as the public healthcare spending in OECD countries Long-term sustainability challenge has cropped, (Yeung, 2012)
The total healthcare expenditure already accounts for an average 9% of GDP (2008) among OECD countries as the public sources constitute majority of the spending and are already facing challenges in

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