Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Productivity Software Usability. The

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Productivity Software Usability.
The invention of computer brought a revolution. Initially, there were very few companies that were providing productivity software, whereas those software were difficult to use and could not perform advanced and complicated jobs.
With the advancement in technology and invention of faster computers,
the number of productivity software increased to a great extent and the existing one kept improving. Keeping in view the needs and convenience of business and individual users, companies kept introducing different varieties of these software. This fierce competition between software companies has brought revolutionary changes in the way people use computer. Now, there are thousands of software that can perform hundreds of thousands of jobs with great ease and convenience.
One of the most famous productivity software suits is “Microsoft Office”. It is the market leader, used by majority of companies globally. It comes with a word processor (Word), a presentation developing software (PowerPoint), a website developing software (FrontPage), a database software (Access), a data calculation, analysis and visualizing software (Excel), brochures, flyers, business cards, etc creator and editor (Publisher), email client (Outlook), information sharing software (OneNote) and others.
Since Microsoft Office is a comprehensive suite of productivity software, I will use it as an example in explaining the usability of productivity software. After that, I would be discussing more usability of these software by mentioning other examples.
A word processor is a software that helps in typing anything be it a latter, legal document, report, dissertation, etc. Microsoft Word can be taken as an example. It can format a document according to your need, automatically corrects typing mistakes, helps in correcting the spelling, and puts reference for you and can

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