Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Male Love for Samurai. According

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Male Love for Samurai.
According to the essay “The Great Mirror of Male Love by Samurai” findings, Ihara’s work is not a defense to the social class but rather an artistic device that shows how the superiors in the society come with a new tradition to follow (Ihara 7). Therefore, it is imperative to outline using references from the book how the new social class engages in the boy love as a way of defining themselves in the society and the changes the practice brings in the entire Japanese culture. In section one, the first short story, Love: The Contest Between Two Forces, the author introduces the book in a fictional setting in the remote regions of Edo (Ihara 11). In this first chapter, the author shows how the boys are receiving a lecture about boy love. Also in the first section, the author introduces the piece by showing how the boys are learning about The Record of the Origins of Boy Love (Ihara 19). Therefore, the first section introduces a new Japanese culture where boys are being taught about male love. In this case, education was not part of the Japanese tradition but the wealth and superior social class are using it to introduce a culture that would help them spread the traditional version of samurai love in an urban fashion. However, as opposed to the Japanese tradition, the new culture turns out to breed the seeds of homosexuality despite the traditional role it played in the society. Another issue from the book is the portrayal of boys in the society and how the representation influenced their perceptions about love.

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