Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of Home Invasion. Neverthele

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of Home Invasion.
Nevertheless, research indicates that people who have suffered from home invasion have other forms of sufferings.
Home invasion cases psychological trauma. It takes a lot of sacrifices for some people to purchase some of their valuables. It takes them years for them to save for that car or home furniture. Therefore, once they are stolen, the person affected becomes stressed and disgusted. Research indicates that some people have developed stress-related diseases after suffering from home invasion. For instance, some people develop high blood pressure. In extreme cases, some people go ahead and commit suicide because they feel desperate after the loss (Fielding, 2011). Therefore, when a person losses property or valuable materials through the home invasion, it is significant to seek help from the psychiatrist.
Home invasion instills fear among the victims. Many people have opted to move to other premises and leave their home after the invasion. This is because they feel uneasy in a place that they felt that they were safe. In addition, when they leave home, they feel that their home is vulnerable to break-ins. Moreover, when they are alone especially at night, they feel like they are exposed to attack or theft. The problem can even be higher if the burglars have not been caught. In such a case, the victims keep on wondering who committed the crime. They start suspecting everyone around them including their friends and neighbors. This festering distrust can complicate personal relationship and even cause more stress to the victim. Many of them opt to alienate themselves from the rest of the close members. This is because they feel like those people do not play a role in protecting them.

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