Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Fitness program for Snooki from jerse

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Fitness program for Snooki from jersey shore.
cise, exercise gives individual the benefits that cannot be achieved from dieting as it allows the individual to boost their metabolism while making sure the body burns the fats that are not needed. Exercise can be used to build muscles, enhance the shape of the body and result in a firm and toned body while dieting alone cannot promise a body that is firm and toned. When combined with dieting, exercise increases the rate of losing weight (Caballero, Allen and Prentice, 411).
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a reality TV personality and dancer who is famous for being a member of the cast of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore among other shores including talk shows. She has struggled with anorexia while growing up as a consequence of cheerleading but her parents helped her deal with the disease. As an adult, she gained weight especially when she was starring in Jersey Shore. This fitness program is aimed at assisting her reduce her weight to healthy levels through working out and a healthy diet.
This fitness program takes between four to twelve weeks depending on the weight that is to be lost. It should be followed together with healthy eating and a control of portions, which means eating the appropriate food in the required quantities at the correct times so that it can be easier to burn pounds of fat each week. The program will include a resistance program that will assist in gaining muscles meaning that progress will have to be monitored through body measurements as well as body fat percentages.
In order to maximize the reduction of body fat, the type of food and its portions should be changed to fit the new way of life. Losing weight can be achieved with the kind of diet a person takes but in order to increase the muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, gym workouts will be required. Therefore, a weight loss fitness program should stimulate as much fat as possible through three full body workouts every week with two day of cardiovascular exercises and two

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