Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Group leadership paper. This study in

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Group leadership paper.
This study involved six sessions. The first session was referred to as nomination and it involved the participants choosing members of their class whom they would want to be friends with and those that they would not want to be friends with. The second session involved involving the members in different activities in order to see the difference in the reaction given in terms of age. The third session called the cohesion involved making the members do some activities together in order to observe if there would be coherent and the factors that most led to cohesion. The fourth session was referred as the acceptance and rejection session, which involved seeing what led to both acceptance and rejection among children and how they react to them. The session that followed, studied the attraction factors among children of this age. The final session gave each of the children a chance to be in charge of an activity in order to study their leadership capabilities.
There are a number of things that led to the choice of this type of group for this paper. One reason is that a group of friend is likely to be characterized by cohesion. They are likely to have an easier time coming into conclusion during the process of decision making. This will mean that decision making will be easier and will take less time. Another thing is that there is going to be an easier time in the distribution of responsibilities. Given that friends would have some knowledge of each other’s capabilities and strengths, they will always find it easier on settling on which one of them is responsible for which responsibility.
Peer relationships start emerging as early as when people are just a year old. As early as 3 years old peer relations become clearly evident. As children grow up they begin to form networks of relationships with their peers. As these networks increase relationship problems such as loneliness, bullying, and victimization usually arises. For peer nomination, it was

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