Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Organizational profile. NHS has imple

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Organizational profile.
NHS has implemented the Accreditation Canada classification of quality which is the level of quality. the level to which any healthcare facility fulfills patients’ requirements and goes beyond their expectations. This quality framework acts as the basis for quality enhancement at all the six sites and provides strategic coalitions for every divisions and service ensuring quality care. It includes formulating a yearly quality enhancement plan, assessing and controlling advancement in carrying out the work plan, and forwarding the outcomes of these activities to the relevant stakeholders.
Requirements for healthcare facilities for the population of Niagara are distinctive and reliant on the determinants of health. Knowing these factors helps NHS to recognize the health condition of the people in addition to their continuing healthcare requirements (Klinger et al, 2013). It further ascertains that everyone has a positive experience of care. NHS operates within an integrated structure to ensure healthier environment and offers timely access to an extensive range of patient centric facilities and cure. It improves society’s welfare and healthcare provision by means of training, promotion and research efforts, and strives for incessant quality enhancement within healthcare facilities to face the challenges of varying requirements for health care.
According to the objectives of NHS, the protection of the environment is necessary for acquiring sustainable development to fulfill the existing requirements. It identifies that as a key employer as well as supplier of healthcare facilities, its actions have long term influence on the environment (Bartol et al., 2011). Niagara Health System recognizes its liability for the environment, and is dedicated towards conservation as well as protection of the environment (Cathcart et al., 2004). External environment of NHS incorporates financial stress,

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