Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Pursuing a Graduate Program. First, t

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Pursuing a Graduate Program.
First, the course can prepare me for senior management positions (Rubin and Dierdorff, 87). The program offers a wider scope in the world of management. With the wide exposure in all management areas such as finance, accounting, human resources and business ethics, the program allows a manager to develop a holistic perspective of the business world and its environment. Secondly, the rise in the management position is important for career development and advancement. Organizations are currently seeking to enroll managers who have a wider scope and more skills that are provided at the undergraduate level. This, therefore, means that with a Master’s degree in business administration, I will have a better chance of securing senior management jobs in a variety of organizations and institutions. This advancement comes with a positive impact on the salaries and remunerations. The program, therefore, will enable me to live a comfortable life. Further, the program is not limited to students in the business field. This means that I will be in a community of students from different disciplines and with different cultural and educational backgrounds. The implication of this is that I will acquire a wider scope of life and have the opportunity to work with people and establish better-consolidated business networks. The socialization that will result will be important in widening my perspective of life and career. Therefore, the program offers me with a combination of benefits that will allow me not only to pursue career development but also my personal aspirations in life. The skills learned will be important to me in my quest to establish my own business in the future. I am currently pursuing Finance and Management Information System. This course has so far allowed me to have a perspective in the business world and as a result, I feel that I belong in the business environment and that I have a lot to offer to the environment of international finance and marketing.

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