Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Video Evaluation. This is a very disc

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Video Evaluation.
This is a very discouraging concept to believe (Molyneux 2013).
Prior to watching this video, it was to my understanding that social programs helped the poor people. I thought that the job forecast was actually increasing. I knew that our government was in over its head with debt but I presumed it was due to our country’s intervention in the Middle East.
I believed that the middle class actually were living paycheck to paycheck and I did believe many lived off of credit cards and loans. However, I did not really realize that what they had spent was money they did not have in the first place. At the rate that this economy is moving, there is little to no hope of changing. I had no idea that we were so much worse off economically than we were in the 1950s and while it is easy to blame the President, the majority of the issues are also to be blamed on Congress. I discovered by watching this video, I was quite wrong about many of my theories about our economy.
There is much to be learned from this video. The statistics are extremely eye-opening. When looking at the graphs and charts that Molyneux had created, it is evident that many thing that the government are doing to try to help increase the recovery process are actually failing. Programs that were established over 40 years ago are haunting the country today as people who do not work and live off the government are making more than those who do work. The debt is increasing per household, per corporation and also federally. People are spending imaginary money that they simply do not have. The wages people are making are spent on their debts. Items are increasing in price while what they make per hour cannot cover the prices of goods that people need.
Many people are living well below poverty level. Actually, it appears that the people who are on welfare are sitting better economically than the people who are actually working to

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