Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Group dynamics and working in teams.

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Group dynamics and working in teams.
Next, Tuckman requires that each group member must act in a manner that will ensure achievement of group goals or objectives (King, 2013).
Specifically, the Tuckman theory of group dynamics focuses on five phases (Connell, 2009). Bruce Tuckman coined the term in his honor. Tuckman emphasized that five phases must be procedurally implemented in order to generated quality group output.
The first Tuckman phase is forming. The phase indicates each team member tries to be accepted in the team. The members start forming the team. Team formation includes determining the functions or responsibilities of each team member (Forsyth, 2009).
In the current home care working group, the team leader explains in detail the responsibilities of each team member. Each team member focuses on understanding the assigned tasks. The group members exchange pleasantries in order to get to know each other better. Consequently, the group members discuss their educational attainments, work experiences and other ice breaker topics (Clements, 2008).
Further, the second Tuckman phase is storming. The phase requires tolerance among the team emphasized. Tolerance is required in order to diffuse any conflicts among the team members. As each member tries to impose one’s ideology or concept on the other team members, conflicts often arise. Tolerance means meeting halfway. There is a give and take of concepts or ideologies. Failure to tolerate the other group members’ persistent requirements or preferences may trigger a disintegration or dismemberment of the group (Schweighofer, 2011).
In the current home care working group, each team member is encouraged to discuss one’s responsibilities. There is a no holds barred policy implemented. The three shift nurses discuss the required daily healthcare procedures, in terms of alleviating the hypertensive elderly patient’s well-being. Consequently, the three home care workers and

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