Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Manufacturing process of a car dashboard.

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Manufacturing process of a car dashboard. Besides that fact there is also the matter of durability and the usage of lightweight material which assist in the manufacturing process. These are not to be neglected as they assist in the formation and substituting to different types of material to more convenient materials that can withstand the demand made on today’s dashboard.It is also clear that since the dashboard houses so many essential car functioning components the design therefore will also play an important and vital part. By thinking in terms of appropriate geometrical shapes, effective material that will become an essential part of the car one will more be more able to design and manufacture a dashboard with relative ease and very few industrial hiccups.The dashboard prides itself in offering housing for the interior electrical components like solenoids, fuse system, battery etc and not to mention the visible exterior components like the dials, sockets, front lights and steering wheel to mention the least.Before undertaking the daunting and sometimes challenging task of creating a dashboard one has to take into consideration many essential and vital aspects that will ensure success. This will enable all involved parties to work in a systematic and productive manner. Firstly one will have to choose the type of material that will be used. One might argue and say that perhaps design should be the first and uttermost propriety.The rea The reason for the type of material taking president is due to the fact that sometimes having a basic foundation upon which one can work on makes it easier to avoid all the glitches that will most likely occur. The next step will then be to design the dashboard. The important aspects of this will be design analysis, geometric modelling and analysis and not forgetting prototype and testing.In the dashboard manufacturing industry the most dominating and commonly used plastic materials are polypropylene, styrene, nylon and polyester. Fibre glass is also used as part of the construction when making a dashboard. One has to remember that it is plastic in all its various forms that make the housing and operation, inclusion and interconnection of the devices possible. The most appealing material which I think is used in the manufacturing of today’s dashboard is nylon. This is due to its easy industrial handling and the fact that it requires less property altering additives. This form of plastic is known for its durability, strength, consistency and the fact that it is also relatively lightweight. And since so many of today’s cars are relying on electrical equipment nylon like its other plastic relatives has negligible magnetic field interference.Another thing that makes nylon so appealing is that it can withstand all wear. An important aspect of this is that car safety is a crucial issue of consideration. The association of this is that the dashboard plays a crucial part in this. The end-user appreciates the knowledge that the life saving essentials like airbags are encased in a dashboard that wont just crumble under the pressures of an accident. So by incorporating this type of thinking it is clear why nylon would be the better choice. Naturally all the other components of the dashboard like the plugs and wire cases can be made out of the other types of materials which have been endorsed by industrial standards.

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