Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses EU Policy and Business.

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses EU Policy and Business. According to political analysts the accession of the Turkey with the European Union is expected to provide both with ‘considerable opportunities and challenges’ (Flam, 2003), beside serious challenges. The accession of the Turkey into European Union will clear certain reservations and misconceptions which alleged that European Union is a Christian Club,Let us write or edit the essay on your topic “EU Policy and Business” with a personal 20% discount.. Try it nowthe accession will further reflect the fact that European Union is visionary of ‘inclusive and tolerant society’, and will exemplify that European Union is diversified association, which is ‘bound together by common values of liberty, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights’ (Oguz, 2003). It is believed that the accession will validate the European Union’s firm commitment and support towards the development of a multiethnic, multicultural and multi-faith Europe, and is likely to defy the concept of ‘clash of civilizations’, and will nullify the social concerns towards the outspread of terrorism, through amalgamation with Muslim society. The critics have regarded the accession as an opportunity for the European Union to support Turkey i.e. … The European Union is expected to secure ‘respect and credibility’ (Oguz, 2003), and will be able to nurture its soft image by supporting the accession of Turkey, some critics have requested the expedition of the admission process so as to discourage the rising popularity and emergence of the hard-line Islamists forces. Turkey’s accession to the European Union will offer revised approach towards Islam which is compatible to the democratic values. It is believed that the accession of the Turkey with the European Union will develop an understanding that contributes towards the resolution of the concerns associated with the integration of religious beliefs and traditions with the universal principles of the modern societies. The role of the European Union is expected to get further strong and influential, and its emergence as the foreign policy actor, will impact the world politics considerably after the accession of the Turkey. The newly adopted security strategies by the European Union i.e. A Secure Europe in a Better World and the Wider Europe: Neighborhood under the proposal forwarded by the European Commission and the European Parliament has encouraged the European Union to give due consideration and significance to the Southern periphery for strengthening European security. It has been reported that the geo-strategic position of Turkey will broaden the scope of activities and influence in regions of vital interests to the international community i.e. the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Central Asia and South Caucasus. Turkey has forged good understanding with the Israel, Arab countries and the United States, Turkey is quoted as the credible and major negotiator who has contributed immensely for bridging the differences between the Israel and Palestinians.

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