Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Karl Marx and Max Weber compared. to

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Karl Marx and Max Weber compared.
to compare and contrast the various theories and points of view of these two theorists, it will come to the conclusion that they are classical sociologists who have a lot of different opinions concerning a large number of issues.
It is their thoughts and theories which lay the foundations, both directly and indirectly, of the way people in the twentieth century lived. Despite the fact that most of their arguments concerning the way society works differ, it would come to the conclusion that in many ways, their concepts of life also bore many similarities. Thus, while Marx was against capitalism, stating that it was bad to the improvement of the lives of the poor people, Weber believed that capitalism was an exceptional system which had ensured the betterment of life (Giddens, 1971). In addition, while Weber considered capitalism to be an attractive part in the development of human beings, Marx believed that its effect was bad, and believed that it was a source of divisions within the society. Marx felt that capitalism was among the most unhelpful part of society because it led to the separation of certain members of the society, while at the same time giving an unfair advantage to the bourgeoisie, who controlled the means of production (Furner, 2011). Although capitalism formed a large part of the theories spoken by both Marx and Weber, these individuals also had other ideas concerning the development of society that went beyond this economic concept. They delved into other matters that had a direct effect on the society and its development such as class conflict, the role of leadership as well as the significance of history and historical events in shaping the society (Turchetto, 2000). Both Marx and Weber developed theories and ideas in their own right in an attempt to describe how the modern society works and each tried to give the reasons behind why their societies had developed to become what they were at the time.
According to Marx, the main definition of

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