Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Long Distance Relationships.

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Long Distance Relationships. These days, there are video conferencing capabilities, cell phones, chats and even letters or text messages that aid in keeping long destine relationships in motion. However, they do have their challenges and these shall be seen below. (Voost, 2007)Long distance relationships have numerous complications.Let us write or edit the essay on your topic “Long Distance Relationships” with a personal 20% discount.. Try it nowThe validity of this statement will be examined in the research conducted below. Numerous scholars have examined the reasons long distance relationships or the causative factors. This forms a vital discussion in most long distance relationship debates.Some People decide to choose partners located in a totally different part of the world because they feel that one should not restrict their sample space to their own country. Such people feel that life long partners are hard to find and that it takes a lot of exploration before one can finally find the ‘man or woman of their dreams’. Consequently, individuals should examine all the possibilities out there, even if it means surpassing certain geographical boundaries to find that special someone.Persons may choose long distance relationships because they want to focus on the emotional aspect of a relationship rather than the physical. Adherents to this principle believe that long distance relationships do not provide individuals with the choice of having physical intimacy so in order to keep the relationship alive. partners need to connect on a deeper emotional level than they would if they were in proximal relationships. Consequently, partners are required to look for other attractive aspects within their partners other than the physical. Adherents to this belief continue to add that most of the reasons why proximal relationships fail are that partners may be too distracted by physical intimacies that they fail to relate emotionally.The corporate world is becoming increasingly demanding. Most people these days have very little time left for themselves. This means that they have to deny themselves social lives. But because having a partner is important for any person’s needs. Then such people end up looking for a long distance partner. They feel that proximal or conventional relationships require too much input in terms of time and they feel that this will prevent them from concentrating on their work. Such people do not feel the need to keep seeing someone on daily basis as this interferes with their daily routine. (Guldner, 2007)Psychologists say that some people have the inability to remain alone. Such people are the victims of a change in circumstance. For example, when one partner receives a job posting in another continent and the other partner chooses to stay in his home country, then the relationship gets transformed from a proximal to along distance one. But because certain individuals may have the fear of looking for another partner or they may have great attachments, then they may decide to maintain a long distance relationship. On the other hand, others are deeply loyal and even if their partners have made the choice to live miles away, they still feel obliged to stay with them through initiating a long distance relationship.Other analysts -who are rather skeptical- say that some individuals choose long distance relationships to hide certain physical defects.

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