Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Why did Woodrow Wilson criticise the

Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Why did Woodrow Wilson criticise the ‘old diplomacy’ What were the main ingredients of the ‘new diplomacy’ that emerged after the First World War.
The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations defines the rights and immunity of diplomats. International diplomacy by professional diplomats aims at achieving peaceful agreements and solutions to international debates or conflicts like war, trade, human rights, and leadership. Indeed, diplomacy fosters international relations and world peace.
International policies, respect for the parties and set rules and codes of ethics governs the diplomatic process. Additionally, diplomacy will follow a given strategy and may involve incentives to lure the support or input of parties. Cultures, level of education, and positional power have a direct impact on the process of diplomacy. Diplomacy adopts different forms depending on the level of application. Bilateral diplomacy involves two nations with common interests. Multilateral diplomacy involves more than two parties and can be preventive diplomacy, developmental diplomacy, war diplomacy and public diplomacy. The phases of diplomacy include envoys diplomacy, residential diplomacy, conference diplomacy, and organisational diplomacy (Galtung and Ruge, 1965, p.102).
However, it takes time to accomplish a diplomatic mission and hence some parties result to war and sanctions when conflicts arise. Diplomacy has considerably changed with technology, growth of intellectual capacities, human rights advocacy, rise in democracy, and the experience of world war. The growth of humanity to an international figure has led to interdependence between nations that require an institution to define existence of a sober relationship. This growth has led to changes from where parties meet when necessary to institutionalized diplomacy, which involves permanent diplomacy and diplomacy at regular intervals The ‘old diplomacy’ existed before the First World War while the ‘new diplomacy’ exists after the First World War. The old diplomacy has faced many critics while compared to the new diplomacy. This paper will

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