Create a contingency plan and use the table to complete the plan. Strategic goal Operational activity Measurement Person/ title Timeline

Create a contingency plan and use the table to complete the plan

1st Project
You are in charge of creating an operational plan for your company. The strategic plan, which was already drafted, establishes the following goals for the upcoming calendar year:
Company a tactical plan
For the upcoming year, our strategic objectives are to:
1. Increase our market share in the market for luxury items at a high price point.
2. Boost the percentage of our production capability that is used to produce luxury items.
3. Establish a reputation as the manufacturer of high-end luxury items in our industry.
4. Establish a reputation as a top employer for highly qualified personnel.
You are required to create an operational strategy based on the broad assertions of strategic aim. Make two concise statements outlining an operational action that might be used to accomplish each of the specified strategy goals. Your operational actions have to demonstrate an awareness of the kinds of specifics that are contained in an operational plan.
A timeframe, a responsible party (with a job title, for example), a budget, and metrics should support your operational actions. You might be involved in manufacturing, sales, marketing, human resources, or administrative duties. Make a backup plan, then utilize the table to finish it.
strategic purpose, operative action Measurement Name or title Timeline


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